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Slater Area Historical Association

Small Organization


Our Mission: To be a resource for our community by making history a personal experience. We act as a repository, collecting and conserving artifacts and information significant to the heritage of the community. We make these collected memories available to educate current and future generations.

Non-Profit Description

We provide a community repository for memories, artifacts, and the history of Slater and the surrounding area. Our exhibits are relevant and interesting for all ages. Many of our temporary exhibits are now presented as a power point presentation through out central Iowa.

Communities Served

We serve the community of Slater by preserving the history of the town and it's people. We also serve the surrounding towns, including Ankeny, Des Moines, and Ames, by presenting historical programs that we have researched and had on display in our Heritage Hall museum.

Why we deserve the makeover

Our organization's mission is to preserve the history of not only the town of Slater, but of the people themselves. We need new technology to help us with scanning documents to add to our online catalog of artifacts, printing newsletters and posters, and improving our community outreach and educational services. Our office technology is extremely outdated, so having a new copier or printer would make a huge difference in how we operate.


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