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River Music Experience

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The River Music Experience is a nonprofit performing arts center dedicated to providing opportunities for our community to listen to, learn about, and play music. We do that through concerts in the Redstone Room, over a dozen unique educational programs throughout the year, and offering opportunities for musicians to hone their craft.

Non-Profit Description

The River Music Experience provides unique music education and programming to over 15,000 students annually. This includes offering individual music lessons year round, special camps in the summer & winter, and myriad other programs where students come to the RME or our staff visits schools and other community organizations.

The RME prides itself in the fact that we do everything we can to never turn away a student due to their inability to pay. About 40% of our lesson and camp participants receive some sort of financial assistance to ensure they get the opportunity to explore their passion.

Music is important and it can change lives. The RME staff has witnessed this first hand. Beyond the positive effects music has on student's education in other subject, music can inspire confidence, provide a creative outlet, and even offer a career path.

Communities Served

The Quad Cities Region with a focus on Scott & Rock Island counties

Why we deserve the makeover

The RME, a cultural cornerstone of the Quad Cities, is the only organization in our community that offers the wide variety of musical education and programming to our entire community. Music does not discriminate and neither does the RME. Many of the students in our programs receive some sort of financial assistance, and the RME cannot provide that assistance without help from charitable community organizations like RK Dixon.

This makeover would help our staff with all the day-to-day aspects of running a nonprofit, including: fundraising, marketing, coordination, and the development of new programs & projects. The RME lacks the funds to regularly upgrade essential technology, notably staff computers, and this makeover would go a long way. Most staff members are working on computers that are approaching 5-6+ years old, replacing these machines would dramatically increase both productivity and morale. In addition, this would allow the RME to update technology used in our educational programming to enrich student experiences.


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