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Peoria Humane Society

Small Organization


Peoria Humane Society is dedicated to creating a humane environment for animals and humans. We are focused on ending pet overpopulation, cruelty and neglect to animals, and promoting respect and kindness to all through education and public awareness.

Non-Profit Description

PHS offers programs to further their mission of ending animal cruelty and neglect. Not only does the PHS fund programs including low-cost spay/neuter services, humane education, volunteer programs, funds veterinary care to sick, injured, and abused animals, and community awareness, the organization also provides equipment, supplies, and volunteers to PAWS/PCAPS to benefit the thousands of homeless and unwanted animals in the community.

Communities Served

We mainly serve Peoria County, however, we also reach out to surrounding counties if there is a need.

Why we deserve the makeover

We are in desperate need of a technology update! Most of our electronics are second hand, the computers are slow, only one of our three printers works consistently, and our phone system is absurdly basic. If we had better equipment, we would be able to reach donors and supporters better and thus help more animals in need! We also host presentations, classes, and orientations using outdated technology and could get our point across much better with more modern equipment! Please help us enter the 21st century and continue our mission to help animals in need!


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