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Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA)

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MCSA provides housing, basic health care, educational and support services for those in need in Muscatine County.

Non-Profit Description

Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA) is a non-profit that was established in 1991 to improve the quality of life and help meet the community’s needs.

MCSA provides on-site temporary and emergency housing for those experiencing homelessness.
• The family suites area provides a temporary place for families and single women to live, featuring a community setting and eight private rooms. In 2017, the suites were home to 106 adults and 73 children. The average stay was 46 days.

• The emergency, overnight space provides a temporary place for single men to stay. In 2017, 125 men lived in this space, with an average stay of 25 days.
• We recently moved from a part-time to a full-time social worker to provide greater support of addressing barriers and moving those served to sustainability.
MCSA also offer short to long-term, permanent supportive rental units.
• On-site, 35 dorm rooms are available for adult men to rent. Forty-nine gentlemen rented a room in 2017.

• Off-site, MCSA partners to provide 17 units of permanent supportive rental units for individuals with disabilities, families, and singles; and, we are in the process of rehabbing a six-plex to add to the availability of affordable permanent supportive units.

• MCSA is actively collaborating with other vested parties on opportunities to further expand affordable housing inventory within the community.

MCSA also offers a Homeless Prevention Program on-site.
• This program serves those on the verge of homelessness due to unexpected financial pressures or changes in circumstances. In 2017, this program worked to keep 222 households with 319 children, stably housed.

• Two additional housing stability programs began in 2017, under the Homeless Prevention umbrella. Both of these programs offer truly affordable housing and extended case management.
• A rapid-rehousing program.
• A program prioritizing literally homeless for receipt of Housing Choice Vouchers via a partnership with the Muscatine Municipal Housing Agency.

Off-site MCSA offers a domestic violence shelter at an undisclosed location.
• This space provides security and safe refuge for those experiencing domestic violence in our community. In 2017, 69 lived at the shelter with an average stay of 30 days. 30 were children.

In addition, through vital partnerships, MCSA offers a host of public services on-site at its Iowa Avenue location:
• The University of Iowa Pediatric Dental Clinic, an adult vision clinic, Robert Young Behavioral Health Services, Family Empowerment Offices, and the Jubilee Center which provides an after-school program for children with disabilities.

• In addition, MCSA recently received grant funding for a two-year pilot program to provide a limited scope health clinic in the lower level of the facility. This clinic will be directed by Trinity Muscatine Public Health and will provide greater access and improved comprehensive health care for low-income children and adults. It will also serve as a gateway to establishing a primary physician and health insurance coverage for those currently unaligned. The clinic is open two days a week in coordination with the on-site pediatric dental clinic.

Communities Served

The MCSA target market is located in Muscatine County Iowa.

Why we deserve the makeover

We are a donation based non-profit with funds focused on client care. Being able to upgrade our technology would be a much welcome gift to MCSA employees, guests, tenants, and our community.

MCSA has an onsite computer lab for our guests that is also open to the public. Our social workers assist clients with job searching; today the majority of applications are filled out online. Visitors and guest use the computer lab to apply for social security benefits, apply for jobs, file taxes and for online training as well as social media applications. Moving the location of our current computer lab with one of our office spaces is a big wish list item. The lab is currently located in the middle of our business office. The move would allow the five folks sharing the office we are swapping to be closer to co-workers and allow for increased collaboration. The new space would be adjacent to the “day room,” a room we have dedicated for those utilizing our shelter. It is a place for folks to hang out during the day, keeping them off the streets. This makeover would be significant to MCSA and those we serve.


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