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Serving vulnerable populations through responsible collection and distribution of donated medicines.

Non-Profit Description

SafeNetRx has developed our nation's largest drug donation program where unused medications are recovered from health systems and patients, inspected by pharmacists, and safely redistributed to patients who cannot afford critically needed medicines. In Iowa more than 97,000 patients have been provided over $34 million in prescription drugs for free. A mother was given enoxaparin injections – without this donation she would not have been able to undergo life-saving cardiac surgery. A father was provided enzalutamide (Xtandi) when he could not afford his prescription co-pay to effectively treat prostate cancer. A young man avoided a 10-day hospital stay after he received donated linezolid (Zyvox) to treat MRSA. Without the SafeNetRx Drug Donation Program, these individuals would have suffered life changing events and the medications would have been discarded, incinerated, flushed down the toilet, or simply tossed in the trash.

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Why we deserve the makeover

The issues of medication waste and medication affordability are not unique to Iowa. Our nation requires a national drug donation program where institutions, clinics and pharmacies can easily donate medications – and know that the medications will be inspected, safely redistributed and provided to underserved patients. Tons of medications can be diverted from landfills and water systems, millions of dollars in health care savings can be achieved, and lives can be improved and even saved. SafeNetRx is in the process of expanding our drug donation services beyond Iowa's borders with the goal of creating a national drug donation program. Our five year planned expansion will require a significant investment in technology. Our program has grown at an incredible rate in recent years (collecting $3.8M, $5.2M, $6.5M and $7.4M in donated medications in years FY2016 through FY2019 respectively.) This growth has stretched our technology resources extremely thin. We are in dire need of upgraded office copiers and printers, work stations, servers and connectivity solutions in our office to support continued growth.


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