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Figge Art Museum

Large Organization


Bringing art and people together.

Non-Profit Description

The Figge Art Museum is the center of the arts community in our region and is the premier art exhibition and education facility between Chicago and Des Moines. We bring art and people together to enrich the Quad Cities Region with the experience of art through education, collections, exhibitions and preservation. In 2017, the museum provided arts education services directly to 32,000 children in their classrooms and served over 110,000 people total.

Communities Served

The Quad Cities and surrounding areas within a 100 mile radius.

Why we deserve the makeover

Every year, the museum continues to grow the programming, quality of exhibitions and number of people we serve in our community. With a small staff, the museum employees are always trying to multiply themselves to be as productive as possible. One of the most important ways we can multiply ourselves is through our technology. Many staff members spend their days working on outdated equipment that cannot keep up with the fast-paced environment in which we work.

As a non-profit, funds are not available to make these technological improvements. This grant would improve the work-life and efficiency of most of the museum’s staff. In turn, ensuring the museum is providing all the resources and energy it can to the community we serve.


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